Bill Brennan is a serious  amateur photographer who aspires to make fine art photographs for public and private display. He is retired and lives in Saddlebrooke, AZ., an active adult community north of Tucson in the foothills of the Catalina Mountains below Mt. Lemmon. His membership in Club Camera Tucson and the Digital Imaging Group Saddlebrooke provides opportunities to learn and improve his skills in a social setting. Classes, seminars and workshops provide more formal learning opportunities.

Favored photography subjects include nature, action, travel and family. He enjoys processing selected images in the digital darkroom and printing them as keepsakes for friends and family. Making photographs that give happiness to others is one of his goals.

Camera equipment includes a Canon DSLR and a selection of Canon lenses  including macro, wide angle and telephoto.

The digital darkroom, located in his home office,  includes a MAC computer loaded with the latest editions of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop software; plus plug-ins from Topaz and Photomatix. It also includes an HP and an Epson printer and scanner.

Workflow starts with choosing optimum light and “getting it right” in the camera. When reasonable and practical, selective white balance, 100-200 ISO, back button focus, manual exposure, the histogram and a tripod are used to get it right.

After a shoot, images are culled to determine candidates for print and/or digital exhibition and competition. The rest are evaluated and ranked to determine the keepers. All keepers are retained as digital images in Lightroom folders. Candidates for exhibitions and competitions are processed in the digital darkroom and retained in their digital format for future use.